The Mighty New (mini)

Creative movement and performance for children aged 5-9

Saturdays 10.30 – 11.15

The Mighty New (mini) is Volcano’s youngest wing! This class runs following the school term times and is led by CJ Ashen (ex of Volcano Youth Company, Frantic Ignition and Bath University) alongside Tyler Morris and Claire Francis.  

The sessions provide opportunities for young people to explore their ideas, inspire one another, and discover new skills. The emphasis is on enabling the participants to unlock their creativity through experimentation in performance and to build trust and confidence (in themselves and one another) in a supportive professional environment. We challenge young people with improvisational tasks that require practical, imaginative participation. Volcano aims to equip young performers with the tools and the skills to think and move for themselves with confidence and create their own work.

Fees are £45 per term*
*A small number of bursary places are available at no cost for those who are unable to meet the course fee. Please state in you email if you want to apply for a bursary place – the application process is very simple.

Please do contact us about these classes for 5-9 year olds.

Young people from all ages of Volcano have created and performed original works including Ordered Chaos and Micropolis and have appeared with professional actors in the 2019 Volcano production Hispaniola! and 2021 production The Clockwork Crow.

Check out the Mighty New’s Vimeo channel here!

It was clear that in 2020, unfortunately, they would not be able to perform in front of a live audience and so a special piece was devised for video. The project received a Magic Little Grant through the partnership between Localgiving and Postcode Community Trust.

Looking Sideways: From the Future was made in response to the collective feelings of The Mighty New during this strange year – the year of the pandemic.
I see their bodies moving in the space, and I see their movement as an anthem for our determined youth. Our Mighty New members have been searching for, finding and feeling defiance. Defiance towards who they are, who they may become and how their dreams may still manifest themselves. In my view, despite this new regime of rules that they have all had to abide by, they have still felt, thought about, and understood what liberty means to them.” Catherine Bennett

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