Volcano are passionate about their role in the education of future generations. We don’t think we have a duty to teach children and educators how to perform but more importantly believe that we can learn from the way in which children observe, interact and play in the world. The ideas of play and improvisation are key developmental features of a healthy childhood. These ideas may also be beneficial to us adults but are certainly key to our sense of what a successful performative process may look like. Play, pleasure and improvisation are the foundations, upon which we build when we are teaching or devising a piece of theatre or performance.

Volcano’s educational work is delivered by either the artistic director, Paul Davies or associate artist, Catherine Bennett. Paul presents work that focuses on theatre and Catherine on movement although in practice there is, as one can imagine, considerable cross-over.

Recent work young people’s works includes: Our Heritages (with The Mighty New and St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School); GardensoftheFuture (Brazilian digital project); Looking Sideways | From the Future (film); The Clockwork Crow; Ordered Chaos and Micropolis.

Over the years, we have worked with a host of schools and colleges and have also created a series on online MOOCS as part of the PolArt Circle project.

Please contact us to discuss working together with your school or educational establishment.

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