Your Story Our Story Nicky Arscott

Your Story: Our Story – Peer to Peer Program (including teacher resources)

July and September 2022

The ‘Your Story: Our Story’ journey continues… 

Working with artist Nicky Arscott and (new to the project) artist Bill-Taylor-Beales, we further teamed up with Birchgrove Comprehensive School, this time working with Year 8s to develop a series of Your Story Our Story (YSOS) workshops in order to stimulate exploration of their lives, focusing on personal events, thoughts, and feelings.

In July 2022, we engaged with 12 Year 8 students to act as YSOS ambassadors who helped create a series of workshops for the new Year 7 intake in September of the same year. They also provided peer-to-peer support. The activities included zine making, collaborative messaging – and in the Being Alive segment – a focus on the importance of ‘anything goes’ documentation. 

The resulting work consists of a personal and group examination of the life of a young person in Swansea.

YSOS Videos & Resources Bill Taylor-Beales

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