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Opening Friday May 20, 6:30 - 9:30pm

Continues until 31 May

Axe Head Collective returns to Volcano Theatre for its fifth Volcano major group show, Axe Head Collective’s seventh local show.

The Opening is on 20th May 2022, from 6:30PM to 9:30PM, the same night as Swansea College of Art’s 2022 degree shows, making ‘Controlled’ an informal “after-party” to the degree shows!

Originally intended to open in March 2021, but delayed by lockdown, October 2021’s fourth Axe Head Volcano show ‘Return’ featured conceptual artworks, paintings, photos, video and more, approaching a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way.

‘Controlled’ promises the same broad spectrum of work, featuring but not confined to Swansea College of Art alumni.  


Formed in 2017 by four UWTSD Swansea College of Art Fine Art alumni – Alina Skorohoda, Demian Johnston, Jeremy Gluck, and Melissa Rodrigues – to considerable aplomb Axe Head’s self-directed debut show, ‘Axe Head to Everything’ opened in March 2018 at Volcano Theatre, featuring in total nine UWTSD undergrad fine artists. The following November, the four curated a show of their work exclusively for Creative Bubble, ‘Studio 95 – Promote Harder’. And in March 2019, the second Axe Head to Everything Swansea College of Art Volcano group show, subtitled ‘Cut & Run’, opened featuring ten artists. October 2019, and Axe Head had their Axe Head GS show at GS Artists, where the founding quartet have interned. And, in March 2020, the third Axe Head Volcano group show, ‘I Have a Heart as Big as the World, but…” opened on the eve of lockdown to a frantic crowd.

Instagram @axeheadtoeverything

Alina Skorohoda @skorohodalinaart

Alina’s artwork explores the notion of woman’s duty to the world. She responds to the feelings of obligation that haunt women everywhere. Alina uses domestic objects in her work. Through altering these objects, she questions attitudes, fears and unwritten rules which have formed a hostile environment for women and their behaviour within it.

Demian Johnston @demonstuff @think_inside_the

Demian’s practice looks to develop internal mindscapes involving multiple symbols and thoughts to bridge the physical process and mental or spiritual state, and individual and collective consciousness. Building on a growing body of work featuring dynamic installations with energy concentrated by their confinement, his work is rarely figurative, encompassing dimensions of unpredictability and naturalness.

Jeremy Gluck @nonceptualism

Jeremy Gluck holds a Master of Arts (Hons.) degree. With extensive experience in the arts, digital humanities, mental health research and training, and community voluntary sector project management, he works as a fine artist in digital art, film, installation, and performance, and in July 2019 he presented his paper on Gustav Metzger at the UWTSD Nexus Learning and Teaching Conference in Swansea, Wales.

Melissa Rodrigues @missbalencantefineart

Founder of ML Art, Rodrigues’ work uses a variety of materials to explore issues of displacement, belonging, and cultural identity. Addressing issues concerning the movement of people across the world, immigration, sense of belonging, cultural identity and the rhetoric of otherness are the bases from which Rodrigues’ work blossoms.



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