Theatre is not just a series of statements about things that you know. Performance and Theatre are not the poor cousins of English Literature.

Pleasure is at the centre of what we do. Our work is playful and communicative. We like to improvise, and we enjoy taking risks. Our performers take risks and we ask our audiences to take risks too – together, we are in search of the human. We like to collaborate – performance is naturally collaborative.

We are interested in people, so we try to make performances that involve people, that love people and that are loved by people.

We like to stand on the past and look to the future.

Performance takes place in all sorts of places, and each has histories and stories to tell. We are interested in the places that we live and the places that we work.

A city is a performance or is in performance. We want to make the city perform better/slower/faster/more sensitively. Our space in the city is for all sorts of things – for climbing, laughing, learning, putting up pictures, drinking, thinking, talking, dancing and meeting new friends.

Sometimes you must get lost before you can find anything that you can call home.

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