Identity Through Time

Identidad a través del tiempo

A photography exhibition based on workshops with Spanish speakers and learners from Swansea.

April 7 - May 7

Launch Evening Saturday April 9, 5pm

In 2021 – 22, over several months, Spanish speakers and learners participated in workshops using photography to investigate their changing identities through the past, the present pandemic, and uncertain futures. Some participants have lived in Swansea most of their lives; others are new to the city. Some speak mother-tongue Spanish; others are learners. The project has two main aims: to raise awareness of the many and various connections between this city and the Spanish-speaking world, and to build community across different generations, collective histories and individual life stories.

Durante varios meses en 2021 y 2022, los hispohablantes y estudiantes de Español  participaron en talleres que utilizaron la fotografía para investigar sus identitades cambiantes a través del pasado, el presente pandémico i los futuros inciertos. Algunos participartantes han vivido aquí en Swansea la mayor parte de su vida; otros son nuevos en la ciudad. Algunos hablan Español como lengua materna; otros son estudiantes de Español. El proyecto tiene dos objetivos principales: da a conocer las numerosas y variadas conexionesentre esta ciudad y el mundo hispanohablante, y reforzar la comunidad a través de diferentes historias.

Dirigada por / led by Humberto Gatica
Con / with Andrea Ibarra y/and Charly Ibarra.

An Open University project in association with Swansea Asylum Seekers’ Support, Iberian and Latin American Association in Wales and Covid Chronicles from the Margins.

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