In addition to its core programme of theatre production, Volcano often works – usually in partnership with other organisations – on additional creative projects across a range of areas of interest and importance to our city, our community and our practice. As in theatre, we aim to make distinctive interventions which unsettle received wisdom and create space to imagine things differently. Example projects:

From the Station to the Sea

From 2014-2018, Volcano and Coastal Housing group were awarded c. £230K under Arts Council Wales’ Ideas People Places scheme, which aimed to experiment with and change the way ‘regeneration’, and the role of art and culture within it, is conceived and implemented, and to embed these new models within places and communities in the longer term.

Our project, entitled FROM THE STATION TO THE SEA, was about Swansea High Street. It was the smallest of the seven Ideas People Places projects, which were based in geographically and socially distinct community contexts across Wales. From the Station to the Sea was a programme of diverse yet connected projects, each addressing the needs, desires and perceptions of specific constituencies. Working with residents, local organisations, traders, schools, workers, commuters, visitors and socially excluded people, the project aimed to disrupt the prevailing power relations through imaginative interventions in the material and social realm of the street. 

After Ideas People Places, we have sought to build on the insights, partnerships and gains of the project through a number of ongoing Station to Sea Legacy Projects including:


Polart Circle

An Erasmus+ Project funded by the European Union

POLART CIRCLE brings together nine cultural organizations (including Volcano) from across Europe to create and share online learning tools and provide international training opportunities.

We aim to document and share the methods and processes of diverse practitioners in the performing arts via MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), which can be freely accessed by students, educators and citizens to inform their own political and artistic discussions and practices.

Our partner organizations range from independent theatre makers to large education providers and citizenship organizations. The process of creating the MOOCs creates opportunities for trainees to travel between the partner countries, gaining skills and insights into a diverse range of creative practices.

The Partners are La Transplanisphère (France); Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre; ODC Ensemble / Vyrsodepseio (Greece); Ex Quorum (Portugal); Public Open University of Zagreb (Croatia); Ortzaï Teatro (Spain, Basque Country); Cittadinanzattiva (Italy) and Teatermaskinen (Sweden).

See all the MOOCs on the Polart Circle Website!

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A Station to Sea Legacy Project
Supported by Garfield Weston Foundation

Storyopolis is a literacy project with a difference. A vibrant, city-centre based initiative for Swansea, Storyopolis offers an innovative framework for schools and families from areas of socioeconomic and cultural disadvantage to engage with high quality activities that build the confidence, communication skills and creativity of children and young people, empowering them to make their voices heard in the world. From comics, beatboxing and lego animation to song writing and fake news, Storyopolis embraces the full range of narrative media, techniques and registers, aiming to nurture and develop literacy in its broadest sense amongst all our young citizens.

Storyopolis is conceived by Tim Batcup and was initially developed between 2015 and 2018 under From the Station to the Sea, an Ideas People Places Project supported by the Arts Council of Wales. Storyopolis has received support from The Garfield Weston Foundation, The Oakdale Trust and the Ernest Cook Trust.

From 2019 onwards, Storyopolis has embarked on a new phase of activities supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation.

Project Director Tim Batcup
Creative Producer Roz Moreton


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What Makes a Home

A Station to Sea Legacy Project
Supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation

We all know there are people that are without a home they can call their own, and we know that many people would like to live in different homes from the ones they currently occupy.

In the third iteration of this evolving project about home, working in collaboration with Coastal Housing and Swansea-based artists, we created a temporary space called What Makes A Home in a location right in the centre of Swansea.

This project attempted to discover, in a playful and participatory way, what people would do if they had time to explore what makes a home for them.

The participant artists are Coastal Housing residents, who have explored and interrogated their understanding of what home means to them. Is it space, being connected to their community, light and sounds, family conversation, or just a having the biggest bed you can imagine? Creating various ‘homes’, we hope to create debate, discussion and delight by examining how it makes us feel when we consciously start to think about how we occupy and live in our home-space.

Working over a period of four weeks the five participants, who were each paired up with a Swansea-based professional artist, realised their visions of what makes a home for them in five installation spaces. Philip Cheater then adapted and connected the spaces to create a journey through the different ideas of home.

Participants’ ‘Homes’ were on display at the former ‘Happy Homes’ premises in Castle Street, Swansea in May and June 2019. Watch this space for the next iteration of our Home project!

Creative Producer Roz Moreton

Artists: Zepur Agopyan, Jason A’hearn, Philip Cheater, Gary Crosby, Emily Davies, Chris Harris, Ray Hobbs, Saba Humayun, Jason & Becky, Lee Ludick, Dili Pitt, Eifion Porter, Fran Williams.

Thanks to Geraldine Osborne, BP2 Property, Huw Williams, Jeremy Hill, CJ Ashen.

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Beastly Ongoings

A Station to Sea Legacy Project
Supported by Arts Council of Wales Creative Collaborations

Beastly Ongoings brought together three very different but equally dynamic organisations at the heart of Swansea High Street, to create a specially-designed sensory adventure for children and young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and the staff who care for and support them. The children were pursued by tigers, left their imprint in a fossil room, hid themselves amongst strange creatures and released their inner animals!

This collaboration built on the work that Ysgol Crug Glas, Volcano Theatre and Coastal Housing Group did together from 2014-2018 during the High Street project From the Station to the Sea. The middle floor of the historic Kings Lane warehouse, restored from a state of dereliction by Coastal as part of its Urban Village scheme, will form the setting for this week of adventure, which is supported by a Creative Collaborations grant from Arts Council of Wales.

BEASTLY ONGOINGS is inspired by the picture-books of Shaun Tan and by the ideas of architect Aldo Van Eyck. Tan creates darkly beautiful imaginative worlds chock-full of animals, places and objects which are at once familiar and strange.  Aldo van Eyck’s work values a sense of place and occasion and is about creating urban places for people through design which gives space for play and imagination.

Conceived by Catherine Bennett and Clare Hobson
Inspired by the work of Shaun Tan and Aldo van Eyck
Directed by Catherine Bennett
Performed by Rick Yale and Catherine Bennett
Designed by Chris Faulds
Sound Artist Luke Turner
Maker Zepur Agopyan
Installation Eifion Porter
Performed 18-22 February 2019

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