A Volcano / Bourdon Brindille Collaboration


May 26 - June 18

A performance collaboration between Volcano and the artist known as Bourdon Brindille The starting point for this show was to reverse the usual relationship between the idea (or text) and the design. Invariably, design follows the text used in performance. For example, if we are performing Macbeth, designers create a heath or a castle or perhaps just darkness. But what would designers do without these sacred texts or ideas? What might happen if performance is led by design? Sincere as Objects starts from this point – the wrong way round and back to front.

Inspired by Alain Resnais’ Hiroshima Mon Amour and the work of Alan Garner, the actors will accompany you on a wonderland journey through a thicket of memories, dreams and missed opportunities.


DESIGN – Bourdon Brindille
DIRECTOR – Paul Davies
PERFORMERS – Andre Bullock & Helene Gregersen
MOVEMENT DIRECTOR – Catherine Bennett
TEXTILE ARTISTS – Clare Misselbrook, James Jones Morris, Inga Nagel.
LIGHTING – David Morgans
CARPENTER – Joseph Loftin
PRODUCTION TEAM – Bourdon Brindille, Saoirse Counihan, Joseph Loftin, David Morgans, James Jones Morris, Inga Nagel.
PRODUCER – Claudine Conway

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