Weightless Again

Abstract by Design - Mike Leahy

Swansea: Past, Present & Future - Jeff Phillips

Thu 23 July - 3 August 2021

10-5pm FREE    (closed 7th September)

Clare Misselbrook / Weightless again
Clare is concerned with celebrating the ingenuity and breadth of human invention. Drawing from materials that are derided and taken for granted; her starting point is always the bin.
Through a long-refined process she tries to achieve the alchemic ambition of transforming the trash into a beautiful ethereal substance that seems to embody the promise of something spectacular… She encourages you to identify the materials of the every day from which her work is constructed, to consider the engineering to bring them to our doorstep for sometimes minutes of utility.
As a child her mum kept a giant box of rubbish for her and her brothers to make their own toys from. Later at school, a recognition of potential started her on a route to art training. Focusing heavily on the figurative, Clare trained in technical sculpture, leaving her with an in depth knowledge of materials and processes. A growing unease with the environmental impact of synthetic materials made her explore making work from discarded items.
So this work represents a restarting, a leaving behind of an egocentric way of working to make way for more of an exploration of process almost for its own sake. Maybe also a return to the play of a childhood where the making is the play, and the outcome is uncertain. This allows her to shed the weight of her preconceived notion of final product, to recapture the childlike innocence; to become weightless again.
Bourdon Brindille
Bourdon has suffered from Art ever since he was a small child.
He has pursued a cure for this malady ever since through many different types of media—yet unfortunately relying on heavier and heavier doses of Art each day just to get by.
Despite this infliction (or perhaps because of it) Bourdon has travelled extensively seeking out others who have suffered the same fate, visiting their works in the great galleries and asylums of the world… seeking and hoping to find the answer, all the time learning from these maverick, ill, geniuses.
Having suffered terribly for years with a compulsive urge to draw, he was lured to University where professionals taught him how to live with this condition more wholesomely. Through various treatments, seminars and instructions he gained a broad knowledge of his infliction, himself and an abundance of art techniques.
Bourdon Brindille was later released from Falmouth University with a First Class Honours Degree in Illustration and has since been able to enjoy something of a normal life.
Bourdon’s work can be most readily appreciated ‘in the flesh’ and for this reason he has shown his work countless times throughout his home nation of Wales, London and across Europe. It is ‘before one’s very eyes’ where he draws the viewer to get lost in his fevered, fetid imagination… if only for a short while.
Unfortunately, Bourdon Brindille has to live in it full-time.
The search for a cure continues . . .
Weightless again
These paintings represent an attempt to capture, not only Bourdon’s surrounding landscape, but also a feeling.
A feeling we have all felt before.
When we are quiet and surrender to what voids we find in this world, we are able, for the briefest of moments (perhaps) to feel the weight of our corporeal existence dissipate and allow what lies beneath to blaze and sputter (again) if only for a short time. Perhaps we can float, weightless (again), like before, long prior to our remembered times.
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