Welsh Language Policy

Volcano aims to make the current era a defining one in terms of the company’s relationship to and capabilities within the Welsh Language. As a small company with a predominantly Anglophone history, our performance in this has historically been erratic and sometimes reactive – a situation out of keeping with our leadership, action and creativity in all other areas. The diversification of the company’s activities and the social and political advances in the status of Welsh demand more of us if the company is to remain a cultural leader in a modern bilingual nation and a radical ambassador for that nation in the UK, Europe and beyond.

In 2017/18 we implemented a deliberate shift in policy and practice, with responsibility for the status of Welsh within the company now being held explicitly by senior core staff and artists with functions that span vision, strategy and delivery, and a commitment to improving in-house competencies in Welsh in all areas.

Legal, Policy and Strategic Framework
This policy sets out Volcano’s commitment to further the objectives of the Welsh Language Act 1993, the Welsh Language Measure 2011 and the relevant parts of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act 2015.

Volcano endorses the principle that Welsh should be treated no less favourably than English, and that citizens of Wales should be able to access the full range of cultural experiences and services through the medium of Welsh. We also endorse the artistic case for equal provision, and the benefits of Welsh-speaking artists being free to work in the language of their choice.

Volcano also acknowledges the Cultural Contract – the responsibility of organisations in receipt of public money to tackle barriers to access and participation and ensure that cultural activities reach and are accessible to all citizens of Wales.

Volcano’s commitment to the Welsh Language is registered in one of the company’s seven Strategic Priorities, which inform all our business planning:


  • Develop an authentically bilingual capacity at all levels of the organisation.
  • Be a cultural ambassador for Wales at national and international levels, through artistic practice and dialogue.

To implement the above policy, the company operates a Welsh Language Action Plan which is updated annually and is available on request.

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