Ar Lan y Môr

Rhiannon Mair


May 6 and 7

Perfformiad Cymraeg. Cliciwch yma am y Gymraeg.

The third of Volcano’s new season of specially-commissioned original short performances in the Solo Duets for the Future series. Performed in the The Cupboard at Volcano Theatre.

Mam (Rhiannon’s Grandmother, aged 89) is one of the last residents living on her street, by the north Pembrokeshire coast. There are eighteen houses, fifteen of which are holiday homes. Mam sits by the window in the parlour. The sea ebbs and flows. The people are disappearing.

What is the future of the street, of this part of the world? What is the future of the coastal areas of west and north Wales? How do holiday homes become problematic for a community’s language and culture? Does this matter?

Rhiannon will give voice to some of these issues in a solo performance that will combine multi-layered storytelling methods through language, body, and the use of words on paper.

Rhiannon is a freelance practitioner and creative researcher. She has worked with Arad Goch, The Wooster Group, Eddie Ladd and others. Currently, she is set to work as lead artist for Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru’s ‘Pair’ project, which will bring artists together to co-create using devising techniques. She loves exploring identity, Welshness, place, ritual, and women when creating work. She has worked in many styles but is especially drawn to creating work through devising. Rhiannon has a (Welsh language) PhD which looks at the Welsh Chapel, Community and Performance.

Ar Lan y Môr is  performed in Welsh. Notes are provided for non-Welsh speakers and Welsh learners.

FRIDAY 6 MAY 1pm and 5pm
SATURDAY 7 MAY 1pm and 3pm
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