Solo Duets for the Future

Short performances in peculiar spaces



Volcano has commissioned a series of short original performances for some of the many strange spaces within our labyrinth of a building in Swansea High Street. We wanted to make it possible for people to see unusual and interesting new work without the risk, ritual and expense of a whole night out at the theatre.

14 & 16 April | BILLY MAXWELL TAYLOR – Rain Pours Like Coffee Drops
22 & 23 April | JAMES NASH – Automa
6 & 7 May | RHIANNON MAIR – Ar Lan y Môr
13 & 14 May | BURIED THUNDER THEATRE CO – Ibeji (The Twins who Danced with Death)
20 & 21 May | REBECCA SMITH WILLIAMS – Chocolate Cake
20 & 21 May | FRANCESCA FARGION – The Singing Agony Aunt

All of these pieces are around 3o minutes long, and have been crafted by one or two performers to make apt and surprising uses of cupboards, galleries, corridors, bars and even garages. Tickets are cheap, and you can catch them at lunchtime, just after work, or as a break from whatever else you are doing. It’s a chance to be surprised, entertained, energised, amused, infuriated, delighted, awakened, or baffled – for a short while in the course of an ordinary day in the life of the city.

The shows in this series are all very different – we’ve got robots, rain, rising sea levels and unaffordable homes, musical agony aunts, chocolate cake, and averted apocalypses. What connects these diverse works is that they all look towards the future – imagining new possibilities (or catastrophes) or exploring other ways of being.

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