Rain Pours Like Coffee Drops

Presented by The Motion Pack

RAIN POURS LIKE COFFEE DROPS offers a moment of stillness in the busyness of our working lives.

With 1 in 5 people feeling unable to manage workplace stress, this experience offers a space to re-evaluate our relationship to work. Through an intimate encounter where you may sip coffee, daydream or watch with wide eyes, The Motion Pack invites you to a time-suspended world where coffee brews slowly and concrete buildings rise from the ground. The Rain meditates on the growing heaviness of The Worker who goes about their day as usual. As time flows, so does the water on the window. 

Friday 30th September 16:30 –  bilingual performance (Welsh and English)
Friday 30th September 19:00 – Performance in English
Saturday 1st October 15:30 – Relaxed performance* in English
Saturday 1st October 19:00 – Bilingual performance (Welsh and English).


*Relaxed performances offer an inclusive environment, permitting everyone to relax and respond naturally, including making noises and moving / coming and going. They are open to everyone but may especially suit those with dementia, learning disabilities, an autistic spectrum condition, Tourette’s syndrome, sensory disorders, anxiety, bladder and bowel conditions, and those with young children or babies.

As part of the Rain Pours Like Coffee Drops project, The Motion Pack are hosting free Stillness in the Busyness workshops across South Wales. There is no need to be a dancer or actor – you could be an office worker, teacher, manager or freelancer. Join us in a space for an hour to find stillness in our working lives through gentle movement riddles. Connect, create and fuel your curiosities.

The Motion Pack curates memorable movement worlds, breathing harmony, playfulness and animal energy to the blending forms of dance and theatre. 

Billy Maxwell Taylor, the artistic leader, is an interdisciplinary movement practitioner. His performance with companies such as Frantic Assembly, Divadlo Continuo and Created a Monster develops alongside his creations with National Dance Company Wales, Volcano and Richard Chappell Dance. He teaches at Hijinx Theatre’s academy. He is excited to bring diverse early-career voices together through this inaugural project by The Motion Pack.

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