Volcano Youth Company


Saturday 16 July 3pm + 5pm

When you are loaded… you stay loaded.

VOLCANO YOUTH COMPANY is working on a new show. Its subject matter is our wonderful education system, and in particular our unrivalled public school system. World beating. Members of our Youth Company are great supporters of these ancient, privileged institutions and nearly all our young people are alumni of some of the most exorbitant educational courses that money can buy. It costs their parents an absolute fortune, but who wouldn’t seek to give their child the best possible start in life, even if these schools help create a system of inequality and unfairness that rivals apartheid? Ho hum. We really are levelling up. Jolly stiff upper jolly.

Come and see what we have been up to. We are all in it together, but some of that togetherness depends upon which public school you attended. We are fans of Eton and friends with Jacob Rees Mogg. Parts of the show will be in Latin, and parts will be complete gibberish. What more do you need to know?.

Image: Jacob Rees Mogg by Colin McPherson

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