Rebecca Smith-Williams


May 20 and 21

One of Volcano’s new season of specially-commissioned original short performances in the Solo Duets for the Future series. Performed in The Long Room at Volcano Theatre.

Sometimes I feel like living today is like standing on top of a giant chocolate cake and that I can’t stop eating it because it’s so delicious but then I realise that because I’m eating it, it’s getting gradually smaller , and I’m standing on it, so I stop for a bit…. but then I forget and it looks so delicious so I carry on eating until I’m standing on an apple core of chocolate cake and it’s not very solid … and I can’t see another way forward… and on it goes, until what?

This is an investigation into pleasure, consumerism (quite literally) and the environmental crisis. How do we still find things that are bad for us and the world so delicious? Is there something else we can find delicious? It is also an investigation into being a human that eats, and how it’s a bit distressing when you realise that what you eat is destroying the place where you live but CHOCOLATE CAKE IS DELICIOUS and on it goes…

Rebecca studied Acting at RADA, works as a freelance actress and also makes her own work with Triongl – writing for the stage using comedy. Triongl is currently writing a comedy about an environmental activist dressed as a tree. She also works outside the company artist and is currently making a dystopian show about a world with no vegetables – with  an experimental cellist who alongside the cello will be looping live vegetable sounds. Rebecca did a writing residency in the Vascular Plant Herbarium in the underground rooms of Cardiff museums, and has also recently been working making installations in bus stops with squashes of different varieties on residency with National Theatre Wales and Natural Resources Wales. She is interested in carrying on her food-based work and has also been working more outside of conventional theatre spaces, which she has enjoyed for the opportunity to interact with passing people.

FRIDAY 20 MAY 11am & 2pm
SATURDAY 21 MAY 11am & 2pm


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