Create and dance your way to somewhere new this summer

Kids aged 4-8, August 7, 14, 21, 28

Globetrotters! was a series of free creative craft and movement sessions for children aged 4-8 years old set in Jungle, Polar and Volcanic zones at Volcano Theatre in Swansea’s High Street. All the zones had been created by professional stage and set designers.

For four hours every Saturday in August 2021, dozens of children and their parents from across Swansea came to Volcano Theatre in the series of events which were fully booked within days of launching.

Children received a FREE Globetrotters passport to get stamped as they travelled the creative globe and worked with top and upcoming Welsh artists and practitioners including Catherine Bennett, Sarah Tombs, Maxine Boobyer, Rhian Jones, Dili Pitt and CJ Ashen.

Supported by Swansea Council

Our Artistic Director, Paul Davies, has written a piece on: Globetrotters; happiness and wellbeing, and city centre participation in the arts. You can read it here.

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Part funded by Swansea Council's 'Summer of Fun' programme