Billy Maxwell Taylor

RAIN POURS LIKE COFFEE DROPS: The Letters to the Rain Installation

April 14 and 16

The first of Volcano’s new season of specially-commissioned original short performances in the Solo Duets for the Future series. Performed in the Seaside Gallery at Volcano Theatre.

Rain Pours Like Coffee Drops is a meditation on an office world where it always rains, contemplating the workplace worries we face through a sensory movement experience. In the Letters to the Rain installation, Billy Maxwell Taylor utilises writing, ambient scores and time-suspended movement to invite a moment of stillness, whilst coffee brews slowly.


Billy Maxwell Taylor is an interdisciplinary movement artist who strives to inspire stillness and sensation in a world on the move. As a choreographer and director, Billy has created work at Now & Then Theatre, Yos Theatre, Hijinx Theatre and National Dance Company Wales. As a performer, he has moved for Frantic Assembly, Motionhouse, Divadlo Continuo and Created a Monster Theatre. 

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