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Gabe Patterson hosts ‘You, Me, Us and Them’
The session is free at the Bunker Theatre, Volcano, Swansea. Register here: and Gabe will contact you with further information.
My intentions for these sessions are to bring LGBTQ+ individuals together to open up a conversation about creative energy during the pandemic and how we’re using or not using our own. I want to create a safe and sociable online space for LGBTQ+ people to discuss the ups and downs of motivation, how we can take inspiration from everyday life and what we could possibly create from that.
I’m hoping to bring our conversations and ideas to life through physical theatre, play and improvisation.
About Gabe:
Hi. My name is Gabe, I’m 20 and I’m a Non-Binary Director, Choreographer and Performer and I specialise in Queer Theatre, Physical Improvisation and Play. I am currently finishing up a BA in Contemporary Performance Practice at Central School of Speech and Drama where I’ve been able to expand upon my practice, utilizing forms such as film, drag and socio political work exploring themes such as queer history, relationships and equality/equity.
Over the past couple of years I have worked with RCSSD in 2019, devising and performing a queer musical children’s piece which toured around primary schools in and around Oldham, and then again in 2020 working alongside The Proud Trust, devising and facilitating LGBTQ+ Youth to create work for National Digital Pride and I have also worked on solo projects creating auto biographical and physical work. I’m currently working with Those Are My Eggs as a performer for their web series Uncanny Avenue, a comedy sitcom following the trials and tribulations of living with monsters.
After working with VYC back in 2017, I have always loved their methodologies and work style and I truly fell in love with physical theatre through working with them. I’m extremely grateful and really excited for this opportunity to work with VYC again, especially in such uncertain times.
Free registration:
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