with Andrew Makkonen

Saturdays 10 am from 08 October

10am | £3 per person
Over 16s. Beginners welcome. Bring a mat if you have one (we have spares). Approx 1 hr.

Try an affordable yoga session with qualified Yoga teacher Andrew Makkonen. The class runs simultaneously with STORYOPOLIS SATURDAY CLUB, so you can do yoga while the kids get creative! Yoga can improve strength, balance and flexibility and can promote relaxation and combat stress.

“Yoga and meditation are my true loves, as they are both are each other, yet I practice many traditional styles. I teach Hatha yoga, meditation and chanting. When I do yoga, I concentrate single-pointedly on what I practice quite well and sometimes amazingly, as I do with traditional seated meditation. Chanting is awesome fun also in a group. I like to chant the mantra associated with each chakra and thus increase my chi and prana energy field.”

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