with Andrew Makkonen

Saturdays 10 am


10am | £3 per person
Over 16s. Beginners welcome. Bring a mat if you have one (we have spares). Approx 1 hr.

Try an affordable Hatha Yoga session with qualified Yoga teacher Andrew Makkonen. The class runs simultaneously with STORYOPOLIS SATURDAY CLUB, so you can do yoga while the kids get creative!

Yoga is a way to develop deep meditation and meditation is a way to develop deep yoga. Hatha yoga uses breathing through the nose only, apart from some pranayama exercises. When meditating breathing through the nose is also a very good method to a state of deep calmness. Concentrating on the nose or third eye region and observing how to work with the relaxation of the nasal passages to have it open so clearly that eventually breathing is not so much needed, as the breath is open rather than being moved. Observing how the cheeks of the face connect to the nasal breathing, how the face, ears and all of the body connects to the openness of the nasal passage. Understanding how the breath relates to the changes in your posture due to the yoga stretching and building up observational “meaning” through regular practice of noticing things we should have given more attention to for years. This meditative movement of the breath through the nasal passage is something that eventually you will be able to bring your attention to in non traditional meditation ie seated meditation which some call easy posture.As we go through the day gravity makes our spine shorter and with yoga we are reoxygenating our body through the release of blockages that we create and control. As our body develops more uprightness the organs get more space to breathe.